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Welcome to 00Alpha-Core

00Alpha-Core is a sci-fi webcomic in an alternate world. The focus of the webcomic is on the world's largest MMO, "00Alpha-Core."

00Alpha-Core is a collaboration webcomic by the artists IceCe and Chibi-Child-Kiki, and both artists can be found on DeviantArt. (However, Cece does not have a smackjeeves account herself, so the only displayed author will be Kiki).
Please see the Links tab for our DeviantArt accounts as well as other links.


27 Mar 2011 07:33 pm

we won't be starting for a while...

Mostly because we're still doing a lot of planning, and since this project wasn't necessarily on the top of our priorities (Cece and I). Sorry to disappoint anyone who may be even vaguely interested in the webcomic. However, we hope that you will keep our comic in mind and will come back when we have some art, etc. up :) thanks!

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